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Hair Dryer

Messy hair is my everyday hair style. i do not have bad day hair but if i were lucky i got super wallah hair day (thats after a visit to saloon la hehe). So sometimes i wanted to feel girlie and try to be like others i guess and it's kinda weird when you dont like to comb & style your hair. Ape punye selekeh daaa

So last year i bought Panasonic Hair Dryer at JJ AU2. It's cute my first impression. Got it for RM139 if i'm not mistaken. And guess what i only used it twice (i think) hehe. i didnt managed to find the kotak but it's definitely in a very good condition. Her drawer is her crib for the last 10mths 

I wanted to let her go but dont know how much i should rate her

Care to belek2 & nilai kan?

Model: EH5373

u r kind enough to advise the rate by leaving a comment here


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