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Waist Pouch

While cleaning the study room, i found this Bozaki Pouch. Still with the tag but i wonder where Papi got it. He couldn't remember. I dont know what to do with it & definitely no space for the pouch anymore.

oh, can transform to small back pack? so cute

RM15 for a brand new pouch ok la kan?

it can be posted to you with additional postage charges
leave comments or email me at elysuhaili@yahoo.com


Hair Dryer

Messy hair is my everyday hair style. i do not have bad day hair but if i were lucky i got super wallah hair day (thats after a visit to saloon la hehe). So sometimes i wanted to feel girlie and try to be like others i guess and it's kinda weird when you dont like to comb & style your hair. Ape punye selekeh daaa

So last year i bought Panasonic Hair Dryer at JJ AU2. It's cute my first impression. Got it for RM139 if i'm not mistaken. And guess what i only used it twice (i think) hehe. i didnt managed to find the kotak but it's definitely in a very good condition. Her drawer is her crib for the last 10mths 

I wanted to let her go but dont know how much i should rate her

Care to belek2 & nilai kan?

Model: EH5373

u r kind enough to advise the rate by leaving a comment here

DIY - Wardrobe Door Panel : NOT AVAILABLE

Forgot to put DIY label in the Shopping List.

We have 3 units of Door Panel from our previous Sliding Wardrobe. The contractor forgot to take them away and they stayed at our Bedroom Balcony for almost 3yrs now.

Solid Wood. Still in good condition. (will ask Papi to measure them later)  
 about 8ftH and yes heavy ye

The reason i posted here coz i knew someone out there loves to do DIY project. I've read DIY blogs before and believed me this door panel can transform to many useful things.

We wanted to give them away!

as usual. leave a comment or email me at elysuhaili@yahoo.com



When we got married, we got ourselves a bedroom set and put old wardrobes in the guest & study room (study room? hehe). We just put whatever things that sometimes we totally forgot about them. So eventho we have 5bedrooms in our new house we will not bring the old wardrobes and wanted to give them away.

2 doors wardrobe - sesuai utk org bujang

I'm telling you this is one heavy almari. Still in good condition but can u see those lines? they were smear from tape that been used by house movers company long ago. Aiyaa dorg angkat pi tape kan pintu & drawer alih2 bukak tape ade bekas.  Binawe

 Anyway, u can go creative by paint them back or put stickers etc

 Items inside definitely NOT included :P

Please help us by taking this blue almari. 

Price? As u need to move & transport it to your place with your own cost we will not charge you more than RM10 and know what, 100% goes to Charity 
 (kalau nk bersedekah lebeh pon kecik tapak tangan, padang bola saya persembahkan)

3 doors wardrobe 
- sesuai juga utk org bujang mahupon yg dh berkahwin

 warna cokelat masih elok sgt2 :)

 Please ignore the stuff inside and they are definitely NOT included. 

i do have unwrap frames huyuh beshnye!

For this 3 door wardrobes has been with me since forever.. think around 2006-2007 but believe me mmg sgt2 elok. Previously my sista Debi said she need a wardrobe and i asked her to take this one. She just need to chip in for lorry cost aje. She agreed. Will confirm with her back & update the status later. 

anything leave a comment with details or email me okeh!


We have new cute mugs. I do not know current market price but i think the price listed is reasonable.


 all mugs are sealed & in good condition

RM3.50 Each
RM10.00 for 3mugs
Sami will get 50cents for every mugs sold :P
Cash & Carry

 please send your order to elysuhaili@yahoo.com
or if u wanna booked the items please leave comments with your blog address
(cik anon kite banned okeh)
we will hold the booking for 3days only until payment made via m2u


Shoe Storage

Yeah.. we have 2 shoe cabinets & still in good condition. We will have customize shoe rack later so why not to give away those cabinets but we got better ideas!

2 doors shoe cabinets

 3 door shoe cabinets

~ the shoes & cover definitely NOT included! :P

RM10 for each cabinets & 
the money 100% goes to Charity

Cash & Carry

 please send your order to elysuhaili@yahoo.com
or if u wanna booked the items please leave comments with your blog address
(cik anon kite banned okeh)
we will hold the booking for 3days only until payment made via m2u




We need to clear our stuff before we move out end of this year (hopefully).
Will let go by:

Selling them off with a very minimal price 

Selling some items and donate half / all the money to Charity chosen 
(will show the receipt)

Keep half the money for Sammy's Tabung Ipad3 (haha)

To be fair, all items can be view to appreciate but self collect. Cash & Carry? No lah. It's Cash, Credit & Carry. Isn't it easy as we do have Credit Card Facilities? Overst okeh. 

We will post our stuff from Furniture to Clothing from time to time. Semua Ada. Bookings are available. We can be contacted thru email shown at the right side of the blog page. 

Oh yea. If you have your own Charity Place or wanted to suggest, please do. Preferable Rumah Anak Yatim or External Body yang tak dapat fund dari Pusat Zakat etc. (tau kan ade byk sgt Rumah- Rumah yg tak mendapat bantuan dari PPZ? takkan xtau kot.. )

Hepi Shopping! Thanks for your support!


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